April 24 - May 7 2020


Date: TBA

Time: 4:00pm - 6:00pm

Location: Edson Public Library

Adjudicator: Christopher Read

" The LEGO creation must be an original creation by the submitter.  Non LEGO elements are allowed, but must not make up more than 10% of the build. 

Measurements are counted in studs - the protrusions on the tops of the LEGO elements are studs.  Please note LEGO is both plural and singular - "LEGOS" is not correct terminology. 

Real builds only - that is, LEGO Digital Designer, or similar LEGO computer aided design (CAD) entries are not allowed. 


1) Vignette - scene no bigger than 8-studens wide by 8-studs long, no higher than 12-bricks, and no more than two (2) minigures (the small LEGO people) on the scene. 

2) Diaorama - any scene bigger than 8-studs by 8 studs, any hight, and any number of figures. 

3) Multi (Vehicle/Bionicle/Robot/Mech) - no restrictions on size, or what kind of "vehicle" one wants to enter.  This category is open to any type of robot, car/truck, plane, space ship, or BionicleR build.
Vehicle example:
Mech example:
Bionicle example:

4) Mosaic/Sculpture - no restrictions on size, but generally a mosaic is a minimum 48 studs x 48 studs.  One is allowed to use freely available computer software to help them design the mosaic.  it does not have to be somebody's face; however, that is the most popular form of mosaic.  As for a sculpture, this is a fairly open category with any 3-d build that does not fit into one of the categories as being allowed.
Could be a bust, abstract design, etc.
Mosaic example: "